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Our quarterly newsletters keep you updated regarding the latest news, important arrangements and developments within MHR.

2022 Newsletters

Nurses Day - 12 May 2022

This International Nurses Day, we shine a light on our brave and faithful nurses, acknowledging their tireless efforts. Click below to download a special letter from our team.

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Newsletter - April 2022

In this month's letter, we share more information regarding uniform arrangements, the importance of having an up-to-date MHR profile, how to maintain confidentiality in the unit/department, etc.

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Best wishes for 2022

As we welcome 2022, the promise of a new adventure colours our canvas with opportunities to sparkle. May this fledgling season shine with prosperity and good cheer. Our best wishes for a colourful new season.

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2021 Newsletters

Festive Greetings from MHR

As we close the last chapter of 2021, we convey our heartfelt gratitude to all staff and clients for the role they play in the success of MHR during 2021. Best wishes from our team for a magical festive season.

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Medical Practitioners Letter

As we celebrate National Doctors Day on 16 November, we pay special tribute to our Medical Practitioners who work so diligently to ensure the health and safety of our country's people.

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Newsletter - October 2021

In this month's letter we share more information regarding the EMS CPG course that MHR is offering, the importance of having an up-to-date MHR profile, protection of personal information policies, etc.

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Pharmacy Professionals Letter

As we celebrate World Pharmacist Day, 25 September, we wish to extend a heartfelt thank you to all pharmacy professionals for the exceptional work they do and the instrumental role they play in healthcare.

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Admin Day - 1 Sept 2021

Our A-Team of panel members deserve a special thank you. We appreciate your hard work, diligent effort and everyday enthusiasm to give your best. Click below to download an admin day note from our team.

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Newsletter - July 2021

In this month's letter we provide more information regarding the increased UIF contribution, SARS IRP5 certificates, shift arrangements, as well as protection of personal information and confidentiality.

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Nurses Day - 12 May 2021

As our healthcare workers on the front line continue to be true heroes, we salute our nurses for their unique qualities and the instrumental role they play in our country as nursing staff. 

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COVID-19 Vaccination Info Hub

Visit this page for a link to the V4hcw COVID-19 vaccine booking portal. We provide more information regarding COVID-19 vaccines, frequently asked questions and guidelines.

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25th Anniversary in 2021

We celebrate our 25th anniversary in 2021. One of the greatest privileges of celebrating a 25th anniversary, is the opportunity to thank all business partners who share our journey with us.

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Newsletter - March 2021

A warm welcome to our new clients. We share more information regarding the COVID-19 vaccination process. HPCSA members, remember to renew your council licences. Read more about MHR uniform.

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Share a Smile

On 20 March we celebrated International Day of Happiness. Globally, we face challenges due to COVID-19. Now, more than ever, it is important to share a smile and to care for yourself and your loved ones.

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New Year Letter - Clients

The spirit of ubuntu carried our nation through 2020. May 2021 bring more prosperous opportunities for partnership and shared initiatives. Click below to download a special letter from our team.

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Special wishes for 2021 - MHR Personnel (Panel Members)

Welcome to 2021. ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.’ – Lao Tzu. Let's breathe new life into the steps we will take in 2021. Click below to download a special letter from our team.

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2020 Newsletters

Season's Greetings - MHR Clients

A special festive season message from our team to all our clients.

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Season's Greetings - MHR Personnel (Panel Members)

A special festive season message from our team to our personnel (panel members).

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Let's Shine the Spotlight on our Stars

See the acknowledgements published during 2020 for service excellence.

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Newsletter - December 2020

Unique, but United. We celebrate diversity and individuality. Nursing panel members, please renew your SANC licences before 31 December 2020. See the importance of an up-to-date MHR profile and the steps to follow should you wish to cancel a shift. Like Follow Share our LinkedIn page. 

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Panel Member guide to COVID

This guide includes steps that you, as MHR panel member, should follow if you have a sudden onset of COVID-19 symptoms; test positive or negative for COVID-19; return to work after recovering from COVID-19; or have been exposed to someone who has COVID-19 (low- or high-risk exposure).

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Newsletter - October 2020

We celebrated International Nurses Day in August this year with our annual nurses' day gifts. Read more about our personal information update project. Like Follow Share our new LinkedIn page. Nursing panel members, remember to renew your SANC licences before 31 December 2020.

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Admin Day - 2 Sept 2020

Behind every successful team, there is a devoted administrative professional. On Admin Day, we celebrate your unique qualities, which allow MHR to go from strength to strength. Thank you for the instrumental role you play in our journey. You are truly ONE OF A KIND.

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Newsletter - August 2020

We pay tribute to our front-line heroes. Read more about COVID-19-related arrangements, such as access control, PPE, vulnerable people survey, availability for- and booking of shifts, accommodation and allowance offer for front-line nurses and our recruitment referral fee offer, etc.

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Nurses Day - 12 May 2020

A special thank you to the Heart of Healthcare for nursing the world to health. MHR salutes you for your extraordinary skill, perseverance and compassion.

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Newsletter - April 2020

MHR addresses COVID-19 safety protocols, travel permits, accrued leave payouts, interim clocking arrangements and due dates for professional council licence renewals. Join us in congratulating our panel members on their contributions to exceptional patient journeys.

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Newsletter - January 2020

We celebrate 2020, a year of synergy and meaningful partnerships. Read more about our indemnity cost-saving offer. Learn more about confidentiality in the unit or department. Pharmacists and HPCSA members remember to renew your professional council licences.

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2019 Newsletters

Newsletter - December 2019

We end 2019 on a high note by recognising some of our panel members for outstanding service. Read more about the latest accrued leave payment arrangements, our new uniform range and the importance of wearing a name badge.

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Newsletter - September 2019

MHR celebrates the instrumental role our admin panel members play in the success of our business. Read more about our new indemnity cost-saving offer at Mediclinic and ER24 clients. See our latest shift and clocking arrangements.

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Newsletter - June 2019


We honour our nurses on Nurses Day for their significant contribution to patient care and compliment our panel members on their service excellence. Learn more about the five moments for hand hygiene and other important arrangements.

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Newsletter - April 2019

MHR extends sincere appreciation to panel members for their commitment to quality care. Learn about the arrangements for transfers between regions, the importance of having an up to date profile, etc.

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Newsletter - February 2019

We embrace 2019 with new optimism, dreams and ambition. Read more about professional council licence renewals, permitted working hours, shift cancellations, clocking arrangements, etc.

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2018 Newsletters

Newsletter - November 2018

We salute the backbone of our business, our administrative panel members. Learn more about social media wisdom, cell phone usage while on duty, permitted working hours, patient- and client confidentiality, etc.

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Newsletter - July 2018

MHR honours nurses around the world on International Nurses’ Day. Gina@Work dresses our team for success with an exciting new uniform range. Read more about shift-related arrangements and other important topics.

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Newsletter - February 2018


We welcome 2018 with a round of applause to our panel members for living the MHR values. Learn more about our exciting new home- and frail care acquisition in Hermanus. See our latest shift-related arrangements.

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